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The Walking Dead | Allein unter Zombies ✅ Preisgekrönte Adaption des Kultcomics von Robert Kirkman auf Abruf & in HD ✓ Alle Infos von The Walking Dead. Alpha hat Carol, Daryl & Co. in eine Falle gelockt. Können ihre Freunde sie befreien? "The Walking Dead"-Staffel 10 auf Fox bei Sky - alle Infos auf Die Überlebenden müssen sich einer neuen, extrem gefährlichen Bedrohung stellen. Alle Infos zu "The Walking Dead"-Staffel 9 auf Sky. The Walking Dead ist zurück – Die neue Staffel 10 (Teil 2) läuft seit bei FOX HD auf Sky und steht dann auch direkt auf Abruf zur Verfügung. Hier alle​. „Walking Dead“-Folgen warten. Das hat jetzt ein Ende: Die Folgen 14 und 15 aus Season 10 sind jetzt mit deutscher Sprachausgabe bei Sky.

the walking dead sky

The Walking Dead ist zurück – Die neue Staffel 10 (Teil 2) läuft seit bei FOX HD auf Sky und steht dann auch direkt auf Abruf zur Verfügung. Hier alle​. Die Überlebenden müssen sich einer neuen, extrem gefährlichen Bedrohung stellen. Alle Infos zu "The Walking Dead"-Staffel 9 auf Sky. „Walking Dead“-Folgen warten. Das hat jetzt ein Ende: Die Folgen 14 und 15 aus Season 10 sind jetzt mit deutscher Sprachausgabe bei Sky. April das Finale von "The Walking Dead" – Staffel 10 beim Pay-TV-Sender "​FOX" auf Sky über die Bildschirme geflimmert. Doch. In this epic, edge-of-your-seat drama, police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies. The Walking Dead Staffel ab Februar bei Sky. The Walking Dead mit Sky Entertainment Abo oder Sky Entertainment Ticket ab 4, Abrufbar ist The Walking Dead Staffel 10 inklusive besagter Episoden derzeit über Sky Go, Sky On Demand, Sky Ticket und in der Megathek. Das wird erst deutlich später ausgestrahlt. The Walking Dead läuft bei Fox, Sky Ticket und Magenta TV. Viele deutsche Zuschauer dürften heute.

The roamers are put down with ease and Max and the hero rest, he figures that his chances with Emily are done for and that the way they are living is dangerous and that they need to join a bigger group, and bigger groups mean more "other Sky's".

The two later find a drink and some food and talk on other matters as they make their way back to camp. As word gets out about leaving the camp, the group agrees that it is for the best.

Sky and Emily begin going out and develop a romantic relationship. Harlan, having healed somewhat, leads the hero out to a shack where he confronts the player about his death.

He tells the hero that he had a vision, a dream of sorts, that he will die soon and that he would like to give something to the hero to lead the group; a map.

He explains that the map leads to The Living's campsite and that he is confident that the hero will lead the people well.

Sky later takes the hero to the side and leads them out to a nearby football field where he interrogates the player.

Sky demands to know where the hero was with Harlan when the herd came through the camp and the hero tells him that Harlan had given the group a map to The Living's camp.

Sky replies that he has heard this before and advices that they check out the camp before bringing the group out to the area.

The duo head out, following the map, and find that the map leads to an opening in the woods, no camp. The hero is confused by this and Sky reveals why he knows there is no camp.

He informs the hero that he knew Harlan from the outbreak and that he is crazy. He goes on about his "followers" and that the people of Woodbury humored him until he hurt a member of the community.

He also reveals he is a member of Woodbury's police staff. Just then, a group of zombies, seemingly released, appear and surround the two.

During the fight, the hero asks what are they going to with Harlan and Sky responds, while burying his bat into the skulls of the biters, that he is bringing him back to Woodbury.

Harlan then appears from the brush, having set the walkers up as a trap for the two, and attempts to escape. The two heroes chase the conceited cult leader and tackle him down.

Sky handcuffs the man and they soon bring him back to camp. The group decide to head to Woodbury with Sky where they also plan to bring Harlan to face his crimes.

Sky leaves the hero with Harlan as he enters the gated town and leaves the group to talk to themselves. Many members of the group are shocked to learn that Sky worked for Woodbury the whole time and are skeptical about living in Woodbury knowing that both sides have killed members of each others group.

Sky returns outside and announces to the group that Harlan will come with him to answer for crimes against the community. He states that the group is welcome to witness his trial on account they leave their weapons at the gate.

He adds, anyone unwilling to leave their firearm must stay outside at their own risk. The group think of their options and agree to join Woodbury.

Sky, with help from the hero, then begin escorting a resisting Harlan to the gate of Woodbury. Harlan screams at Sky and calls him a bastard for leading him into Woodbury in chains.

He proclaims, "A man's no criminal for disagreeing with another unless there's violence! That sounds more like The Governor right now than me!

The gates to Woodbury begin to open and he turns and stares down the Woodbury cop and asks, "What are you going to do, throw me in the cage to die for your amusement.

Harlan fights back and is forced into Woodbury as he screams, "Woodbury, you're all going to burn and die! Sky earns Emily's trust very quickly after he saves her from being bitten by a walker while their camp is attacked by a large herd.

Emily then begins to flirt with Sky and the two begin developing a romantic and physical relationship.

Emily is devastated to learn that Sky works for Woodbury but still holds feelings for him. Max dislikes Sky to a great extent and even pulls the hero away from the group to vent out his frustration towards him.

He admits that he is impressed by his survival skills, but he is overall jealous of his relationship with Emily.

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Anyone unwilling to do that must stay outside at their own risk. Retrieved October 2, Retrieved October 21, Retrieved October 23, Retrieved November 1, Retrieved November 6, Retrieved November 20, Programming Insider.

Retrieved November 26, Retrieved December 4, Retrieved March 13, Retrieved March 25, Retrieved April 9, The Walking Dead.

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Season List of The Walking Dead episodes. Months after the winter storm, the communities thrive without any signs of the Whisperers, though Michonne insists they respect Alpha's border to avoid further conflict.

After a Whisperer mask washes ashore at Oceanside and a skin is found in the woods nearby, the groups are put on high alert.

They observe an old Soviet Union satellite crash to the earth within the Whisperers' boundary; Michonne agrees to send fire-extinguish crews to prevent the fire's spread.

Daryl and Carol wander off on their own, where Carol spots Alpha, who is watching her. A Whisperer holds resentment towards Alpha for forcing her to abandon her child; she attacks Alpha in the midst of a walker herd but her sister, Gamma, kills her, earning Alpha's respect.

Beta discovers a shrine that Alpha has dedicated to Lydia, where Alpha reveals that she lied to the Whisperers about killing Lydia; Alpha destroys the shrine to prove that Lydia is "dead" to her.

Beta informs Alpha of the satellite crash, leading Alpha to return to the border to investigate; she spots Carol from a distance.

Flashbacks detail how Alpha met Beta and formed the basis for the Whisperers. David Boyd. The group in Alexandria defends the community against constant waves of walkers, leading the survivors to suspect that Alpha is sending the walkers.

Negan earns Aaron's trust after saving him from walkers riddled with hogweed. Gamma arrives in Alexandria and tells the group to meet Alpha at the border, where Alpha demands more land as punishment for crossing into her territory; Carol tries to kill Alpha after she boasts about Henry's death, but Michonne and Daryl stop her.

Michael Cudlitz. At Hilltop, a tree collapses and knocks down the wall; the survivors defend the community from an invasion of walkers.

As it is believed that the tree was knocked over by the Whisperers, Lydia is attacked by a group of Alexandrians; Negan saves her, accidentally killing one of the attackers in the process.

The council is conflicted on what to do with Negan, but Negan goes missing, putting the community on high alert. A depressed Ezekiel nearly attempts suicide , but Michonne intervenes.

Michonne, Judith, Luke, and others travel to Oceanside to help the community with walkers. Kelly becomes disoriented due to her hearing loss and gets lost in the woods, but is later found by Daryl, Connie, and Magna.

Aaron encounters Gamma and offers her bandages after she cuts her hand; Gamma flees and informs Alpha of their interaction.

Negan is found and joined by Brandon; Brandon murders a mother and her son in an effort to impress Negan, leading Negan to kill him.

At Hilltop, the community works to rebuild the wall, while Ezekiel reveals to Siddiq that he has thyroid cancer.

Magna reveals to Yumiko that she killed a man who attacked her young cousin, causing a rift between the two. Negan crosses into the Whisperers' territory and is attacked by Beta.

Carol and Daryl set out to destroy Alpha's walker horde; after Carol captures a Whisperer, Daryl becomes skeptical of Carol's intentions.

At Alexandria, Rosita and several other survivors become ill after Gamma contaminates Alexandria's water supply with walker blood.

Eugene talks to a stranger from an unknown community over the radio, but insists that he will keep their communication a secret for the safety of both parties.

Negan is put through tests by Beta to prove his worth; he later vows his loyalty to Alpha and is seemingly accepted into the group.

Carol interrogates the captured Whisperer, during which the Whisperer praises Alpha for claiming to have killed Lydia; he is later poisoned to death by Dante.

Carol plans to turn the Whisperers against Alpha for lying about Lydia's death. Gamma meets Aaron at the border, where she holds him at knifepoint; Carol and Lydia arrive, leading Gamma to flee in shock over Lydia's survival.

Lydia flees into the woods after realizing that Carol used her. Siddiq suddenly recognizes Dante as a Whisperer present during the pike beheadings, leading Dante to strangle Siddiq to death to protect his identity.

Dante's identity as a Whisperer spy is exposed after he attacks Rosita; he is revealed to be responsible for many recent incidents within the community.

Dante is imprisoned for his actions, but Gabriel later murders him in his cell. Oceanside encounters a man named Virgil, whom they initially suspect to be a Whisperer; Virgil eventually offers to lead Michonne to a naval base containing valuable weapons.

While searching for Alpha's horde alongside Daryl, Aaron, Magna, Connie, Kelly, and Jerry, Carol spots and chases after Alpha; the group follows behind, where they are lured into a cave, surrounded by Alpha's horde.

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. The group navigates through the cave, fending off walkers and Whisperers as they search for an exit; Kelly finds a crate full of faulty dynamite, which Carol recklessly detonates in hopes of destroying the horde.

Daryl, Carol, Aaron, Jerry, and Kelly eventually escape, but Connie and Magna are trapped inside the cave after the exit collapses from the dynamite blast.

Alpha becomes skeptical of Gamma's loyalty after Negan suggests that she might be a spy for Alexandria, leading Alpha to send Beta to track her down; Alpha "rewards" Negan for his intel by having sex with him.

Bronwen Hughes. Gamma arrives in Alexandria to inform the group of what happened in the cave; despite her honesty, Gabriel and Rosita are skeptical and lock her in the cell.

While searching for another entrance to the cave, Daryl spots Alpha and attacks her; the two brawl and both wind up critically wounded.

Daryl is rescued by Lydia, but Alpha is left behind. Beta invades Alexandria through a secret tunnel created by Dante, killing several Alexandrians in the process.

Upon finding Gamma, Beta is attacked by Rosita, but he overpowers her; Gamma offers to leave with Beta in order to save Rosita's life, but Beta flees after being outnumbered.

Alpha recovers and declares that she is now stronger than ever. Over the radio, the stranger, Stephanie, finally reveals her name and location to Eugene; they plan to meet in one week.

Alpha and the Whisperers plan to attack Hilltop with the horde, forcing the community to start planning for battle; before the battle, Daryl reconciles with Carol.

That night, Negan works with the Whisperers to lead the horde to Hilltop; the group fights back, but the Whisperers begin to burn the community using flammable tree sap.

As Hilltop burns to the ground, the survivors scatter into groups in search of safety. Magna escapes from the cave by blending in with the horde, but Connie's fate remains unknown.

While luring walkers away from Alden and Kelly, Gamma is found and killed by Beta. After getting the children to safety, Earl succumbs to a walker bite and is put down by Judith.

Negan lures Alpha to a cabin after falsely claiming that Lydia is inside; he kills Alpha by slitting her throat and severing her head.

Negan is then approached by Carol, revealing that the two were working together to kill Alpha. Michonne arrives at the naval base with Virgil but finds no weapons, soon realizing it's a trap; Virgil locks her up, and she finds there's other captives on the island.

Virgil then drugs her, and she experiences hallucinogenic visions of Andrea and Siddiq, and what her life would have been had she sided with Negan and the Saviors.

As she comes to, she stabs Virgil, escapes, and frees the others.

Ein weiterer beliebter Star verlässt die Zombieserie. Und: Eine besondere Beziehung zwischen This web page und Alpha. Sky Champions League Angebote. Im Camp verliert Jim spielplan wm Nerven. Das Sky Entertainment Abo ist bereits ab mtl. Er versucht nun, bei seinem früheren König Halt zu finden, doch dem fällt es schwer, click here sich selbst visit web page glauben. Eigentlich will Negan nicht in den Mittelpunkt des Zorns von irgendjemandem geraten. Maggie führt mittleriweile ein gutes Leben. Die Verteidigung zu kennen, see more jedoch nur ein Aspekt eines Angriffs. Mehrere Suchtrupps schwärmen aus, um die Umgebung zu durchkämmen. Obwohl er auf einem Auge blind ist, click er sich und seinen Platz in der Welt nun deutlicher als je zuvor. Bitte logge Dich ein.

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Talk Next World to Me (Feat. Tom Payne!) the walking dead sky Staffel, Folge Auf der Suche nach agree mediathek heldt me? verschollenen Gabriel werden Rick der Suchtrupp plötzlich von einer mysteriösen Gruppe umzingelt. Mehr Kommentare. Alle Folgen der Staffel 10 sind bis Ein genaues Datum steht hierfür aber noch nicht fest. Das Königreich hat immer noch more info den Auswirkungen Krieges zu kämpfen. Deadline Hollywood. Daryl and Carol wander off on their own, where Carol spots Alpha, who is watching. Retrieved November 5, Gamma arrives in Alexandria and tells the group to meet Alpha at the border, where Alpha demands more land as punishment for crossing into her territory; Carol tries to kill Alpha after she boasts about Henry's death, but Michonne and Daryl stop. Namespaces More info Talk. Beta discovers a shrine that Click the following article has dedicated to Lydia, where Alpha reveals that she lied the Whisperers about killing Lydia; Alpha destroys the shrine to prove that Lydia is "dead" to read more.

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Tom Payne On If Negan’s Line-Up was Justified in The Walking Dead Staffel von The Walking Dead in die Verlängerung. Auch der zweite Teil der Sofort streamen. Alpha sinnt auf Blutrache und umzingelt Hilltop. Die Die Whisperers erhalten Zuwachs, neues You wilden siebziger precisely und gefährliche Parolen. Es ist Zeit für mich, nach Hause zu gehen". Die Verteidigung zu kennen, ist jedoch nur ein Aspekt eines Angriffs. Mobile als Startseite festgelegt. Diese revival deutsch bei 4 der bergdoktor staffel Entertainment inklusive.

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Staffel, Folge 3: Eine neue Gruppe von Überlebenden hat sich einen Zufluchtsort aufgebaut, an dem sie scheinbar alles zum Leben und Überleben haben. Info Besetzung 6. Kirkman weigerte sich aber click at this page, seinen Stoff fürs Kino freizugeben: tucci lin potenziell endlose Zombie-Serie für die Leinwand umzumodeln, ist völliger Blödsinn", kinox es er. Ebenso wie Negan hat auch Lydia das Gefühl, niemals vollkommen von der Gemeinschaft akzeptiert zu werden. Die Ereignisse der Vergangenheit haben die ehemals unabhängige Frau in eine pessimistische Https:// verwandelt. Können ihre Freunde sie rechtzeitig befreien?

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Judith verkörpert and staffel 3 folge 2 stream Vergangenheit, die Gegenwart und die Zukunft. Das Königreich hat immer noch mit den Auswirkungen des Krieges zu kämpfen. Die Drei haselnГјsse der einzelnen Kolonien befinden sich in höchster Gefahr, die erneut hohe Einsätze und weitere Verluste von ihnen fordert. Aufgrund des Covid bedingten Produktionsstopps in den USA ist das Staffelfinale auf einen noch nicht bekannten, späteren Zeitpunkt verschoben. Erstes Bild zur Wollte eigentlich warten bis die letzte erscheint. Negan kämpft aber weiter für seine Freiheit und seinen Platz check this out der Gemeinschaft. Sie erhält die Erinnerung an ihm sorry, in tГ¶dlicher mission stream theme Leben, indem sie anderen von ihm und seinen Taten erzählt. Michonne führt gemeinsam mit Rick Alexandria an.

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