Among the living - das böse ist hier

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among the living - das böse ist hier

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Now it means leading a healthy lifestyle that may include running, vegetarianism, and abstinence from drinking and smoking.

They will never judge our past actions, instead. He is almost repressively interpellated. Their finished diary entries also were evidence of this, they produced extremely interesting and clever work, which showed a great deal of thought on the student s part.

Then in The karate Kid was remade, becoming a huge box office hit. It sees Bateman in a clear, sharp, satiric light, and it despises him.

Andrey confabulatory objectives, punishingly organization. In their last stories, Marple and Poirot both ultimately engaged in conduct that warranted a closer examination of their personalities, but we never got i.

Yet I distinctly remember feeling sad after reading it; for the trauma the silent lady went through, would be horrible to experienc.

She finds three trick or treaters and since she does not have any candy she offers them each a ride on her broomstic.

Not only has Edith been unable to move forward, but the reactions of the German townspeople, many who persecuted her family are also stuck in tim.

Personally, I avoid using them and if there is exclamation marks in narrative, I think maybe a few times would be enoug.

Sir Ken Thompson recommended this book in his, The Elemen. I opened the e-book and never once put it down until the last page.

Lacey craves pain and to be pushed beyond her limits by her husband Tro. Tianna has just met her Famcat Ratkiller although he also made a small appearance in an earlier boo.

I read most of them over a period of time about a decade ago, and recently bought the whole set so I could reread the.

Jane is an amazing heroine and Thomas Perry has develped this character with great care and thoughtfulnes. A well told story about two generations of two families, one Irish, the other French, and their friends told in parallel.

But the creeping insanity that she battles is something that anyone who plunges into the history of the Third Reich feel. This dirty blonde slut wanted to try something new.

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See all! Sezona Epizoda Episode 3. Also is there hope for us to get back together. But after Doogie Howser left the pub the other night, I had guys propositioning me and throwing money on my table to buy me a beer!

When that happens, you have to avoid bringing up certain things such as how depressed you feel. Just say something brief to introduce the link.

Ollie November 22, But on the other hand most people automatically assume that if you are a model, you are stupid and have nothing important to say.

They are tollerant and can often speak more than one foreign language English, Spanish, German. So what is different about the girls who really want to meet and date guys?

In all cases I dumped them because they err not treating me right! You can still read the comments, but you may lose track of what page it is on if you want to come back.

He is semi-retired but runs a side-business. Also, by taking some time before talking to your ex, you will give him an opportunity to stop thinking of the bad things and start thinking of the good times you shared together.

The soul patch is evil manifesting itself into facial hair. What can I say to get him back. I experienced love before and it was amazing for both of us.

See more words with the same meaning: friend, friends. This guy she is now seeing is friends with her sister, a really good looking lad too.

Once you are back in the dating game, you? So don t white-wash your memories. I never said always, just most of the time, and as far as Im concerned, I stand by my belief that it holds true more often than not.

Stine and I have recently started collecting the Fear Street books agai. What could be more perfect?

But in spite of the many characters still easily followed and a complex and interesting story. The diffident and much put-upon heroine Fanny Price has to struggle to cope with the results, re-examining her own feelings while enduring the cheerful amorality, old-fashioned indifference and priggish disapproval of those around her.

Her oldest child is riding his bike, and when he is a bit further up the street, she takes her eyes off him for a minute, and their lives are changed foreve.

Here, over more than a thousand years, the history and destiny of Russia have unfolde. The first time Jess saw her, she was bruised and battered, and obviously frightene.

This is a great pair of short stories with 2 likable main characters, a believable storyline, a few laughs and in my opinion the perfect amount of sex vs romanc.

As is said in the book: the rule of law is a concept often cited but seldom adequately explaine. Bella was imprisoned for four years before being rescued by the same man who put her there- Lachlan MacRuari.

Lachlan, nicknamed Viper for his talents of evading capture and striking swiftly and lethal, has always been the outsider in the close knit group of the Highland Guar.

Overall — The plot is well develope. By the time I got to the end of that story all I could think was, what was the point of this?

It actually made me put down the book and not want to continu. And behind it all was the rich laughter nurtured by a close and loving family.

Growing Up Laughing is not just the story of an iconic entertainer, but also the story of comed. An orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina and flees her rural Brittany for Paris, where she passes for someone else and accedes to the position of pupil at the Grand Opera house.

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And with that energy of mindfulness, we can recognize our anger, our fear, our despai. If this had been the only book I had ever read by Jane Langton, I would never have read anothe.

Siri seeing spirits or the conversation between Civilai and Siri, or the scenes where Civilai tries to make people eat the buns baked by him.

Though going by Slash and Burn, I thought that even this book will have a high humor quotient, but it wasnt ther.

In the coming months, she has several books coming out with eXtasy Books in both The Lost Shifter Series and Drone Vampire Chronicles, plus a few additional projects that are still in the development stages.

Visit Stephani on the web at:Email her at:archangelwriter yahoo. Several chapters down he talks about how traffic can snarl up and we can get stuck in jam.

But it is the humor of a man who is deceiving himself and we cringe each time he does it—begging him to reconside. So you can probably imagine my delight when my mailman brought me a copy of the nove.

A construction engineer, his interest in Egyptology is longstanding, having lived in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East for much of his lif.

Such a cop out! We are also made aware of a falling out between Coley and her former best frien. I felt that through the book, Makenna became less and less of a main character as it progresse.

More specifically the lesson revolves round the minor character Dr Relling and his function within the pla. I am so grateful for all voices in the church who speak of love and grac.

Ellington was undoubtedly a great composer, but a great composer for one particular band composed of certain unique musician. Yu HuaThe rating is provisional, for I have yet to make up my mind fully whether I really liked it or no.

Before anyone even points it out, I will concede that this book is most likely being published to take advantage of the hype from the Noah film starring Russell Crow.

So be warned before letting your kids see what has you laughing so har. Who else, what can prompt? In it something is also to me it seems it is excellent idea.

Completely with you I will agree. There are some more lacks Between us speaking, I would address for the help to a moderator.

This is because they act on emotions rather than common sense. In the past, women were often expected to cut their hair short once they reached a certain age.

Were you being insecure and jealous? Days later she contacted him again. That doesn t mean you can t cry at the end of Titanic, it just means that you aren t liable to explode in an emotional train wreck without notice.

Make yourself scarce, and allow your ex to wonder where you are. Of course I would suggest that you change your bad traits, but don?

I just got really sarcastic and sullen and just plain mean. She is staying together with her boyfriend but she seldom get to see him because he spends a lot of time at work.

Try telling yourself that you will stop any dreams that happen with your ex before going to bed. Ive done everything to try to be everything hes wanted and needed, i dont know what to do now.

That could mean a host of things. So again, you say, We re going to have a secret. Hope this helps in some way.

His 50 year old book was correct in describing our. When men take on these risks, they may be advertising their genetic prowess to women.

Please don t ask me why they pay for that. We both deserved better and that when he s ok, he would like to put his best foot forward for me.

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I won this book in a Goodreads give-away as an unedited draf. He had seen it coming and flattened to the sloping rock, gripping with fingers and knees and toe.

They would troll in their high heels shoes for their next victims but made sure, at least in their minds, their dinner were bad sorts who deserve i.

At the age of 5 her family uprooted and moved and Tess can remember that it had something to do with her, yet she has no idea why and no one will tell he.

If Margaret Ogilvy drew a measure of comfort from the notion that David, in dying a boy, would remain a boy for ever, Barrie drew inspiratio.

It provide an inspiration to follow her journey through different types of gardening and the chickens she raised in her yard.

At first, I had a bit of a hard time getting over the hundreds of references to jacking off and the thirty different names for boobs, but in the end the stereotype-created characters break out of their shells and surprise you.

Originally reviewed on A Reader of Fictions. The White Forest was not what I was expecting at al. If you have trouble suspending your disbelief, go away, run far from this on.

Fue publicado en principio anonimamente, logrando el aplauso del publico tras cierto escandalo originado por la adjudicacion de su autori.

In the Walloon version he ended 10th place. Maigret accompanies his physician on an emergency call and is drawn into one of his most stubborn cases.

It is also sad to hear about how much San Miguel was changing from the beginning of the book to the en.

A summary of this book is as follows: In string theory, the myriad of fundamental particle types is replaced by a single fundamental building block, a strin.

This is really how confusing it was after Peron was ousted, and different dictators were taking center stag.

Ngarimu Essay Comp — Even when teaching and service obligations weigh heavy, time must be reserved for research and writing.

The necessities imposed by his most irritable and all-related texture have taught Man hunting, pasturage, agriculture, commerce, weaving, joining, masonry, geometry, astronomy.

Ellis examines how the specific relationships of the Founding Fathers influenced, or were influenced by, the unstable period in which they lived.

Mark published on 07 April A2 english essay i had a writing practices and essays. The standards are empirically derived descriptions of the essential skills and knowledge students need to become ready for college and career, giving clear meaning to test scores and serving as a link between what students have learned and what they are ready to learn next.

And our body and our mind cannot be the same. Thus, advocates of Latino equality often note that Latinos have fought in every U. You can divide your paper into three main sections.

Describe the people, surroundings, and other relevant aspects of your autobiography. Springer Catalano C, Passariello R.

Aug 23, sample essay at dobelli. Or do the differences fall along the lines of method or discipline? Design Technology Criterion J: abstract.

Send the gospel tidings over land and over sea. Here your rationale, your argument, is most important. The asis international essay and poetry writing competition this essay writing competition is open for school students.

For example an oboe has a woody, nasal tone, contasted with a violin which can have a lyrical, flowing, singing tone or a hoarse, scratchy tone.

A lthough, the father has devotion for his family, he gets nothing in return. However, it worked fine as a stand-alone. Although I doubt that this story will appeal to die-hard fans of the great detective, I suspect that the YA audience it is aimed at will find it more than a little bit fu.

Kelly has agreed to help out at the Halloween community party, and as such, has a part to play in the haunted house for the nigh.

She will need all the friends possible when her secret comes to light. This is not an unfamiliar plot: attractive, intelligent, strong-willed woman comes to a new town with a past that threatens to catch up to her, but the strong, handsome, Christian male protagonist is set to win her and after some obstacles all becomes well in the en.

If you love suspense and romance, this trilogy is a must read for you. But it works. However, I may choose not to read the book itself again, and instead hold the glow of the story to myself like a warm and pleasant memory where some of the magic comes from the blurring of the actual experience.

Even though this book is far shorter than Love and War, it really managed to convey the long drag of time and the desperate conditions the prisoners endure.

Raphaelle, or Ella, has a very compelling voic. His challenge: to investigate these deaths without betraying his true alliance.

I loved the portrayal of D. Right throughout the book I could feel the raw tension and need bouncing from the characters and their surroundings, perfect heart stopping romance!

The dialogue was so extremely passionate, smart, sassy and SEXY that it would make 50 shades and Mr smooth talker Grey look like a ramped up teenager trying to get his first roll in the ha.

I won this through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway. This is the first book I have read of the Sebastian S.

Why would anyone read them? Why would anyone even publish them? And, on serious reconsideration and after the lapse of many years with its concomitant accrual of decades of experience, I stick with my judgmen.

And even though there was a poignant juxtaposition between the military and the high society of the journalists it was moving to see Richardson and Browne considering and assisting with the plight of the soldiers in the prisons.

This book has encouraged me to look further into the civil wars, and in my opinion, any book that encourages further reading deserves 5 stars but it deserves it on its own merit.

As land becomes more and more scarce due to this growing threat, wars break out and the future of humanity is threatened all the mor.

Furthermore, the unexpected entrance of George Boleyn is ridiculous and absur. This was a non-fiction biography about the life of George Washington Carve.

I can imagine her shock when she hears that the hotel critic is dead and the police comes marching in to mess with her planning and check listst for that da.

Thanks to Julie for giving us this great look inside the first kis. She is an opium eater, absinthe drinker, tomboy airship pilot, all within a historical London steampunk settin.

A self assured woman looks good on a man? I thought quite a bit of passion. You re a second option, dear.

Passion, energy, excitement, danger, speed, impulsive action, stimulation, assertiveness, aggression, strength, sex, revolt, war Silver.

At this time, do not show her any signs that you want to win her back. Diphenhydramine 50 mg count bottles are dirt cheap from behind the counter at Bi-Mart.

Recognize that people have different communication styles. He may have told you all kinds of horror stories and admitted his friends and family will kill him if he ever got back together with his ex.

Based on these comments, I m a diseased human being who doesn t deserve love. Its amazing how full of hatred these men are. Feeling empty, like one has a black put inside them that can never fill up.

However he also suggested another theory. Join Date: Jan In order to achieve it, you must clearly create a side parting and get the sides shaved.

The experimenters cleverly manipulated the color of the attire of those pictured to see if red, or any other color would yield different results.

Should you dream of dating a friend? The following list is not exhaustive, but it should help to identify what may be sexual and gender-based harassment.

In fact, women around the world are trying desperately to shut me down because they think the tactics that I use on women are so controversial.

You know that old cliche, If at first you don t succeed, try try again. Your Competitor s Strengths. Spending some extra time seeking out a scent that really suits you, however, can really pay off.

Solar, Wac Toja — Arabska noc prod. A too sure of himself main narrator bumps into an old storyteller whose tales open up the main narrator to a wider sense of the world, of possibility and, most of all, to the city in which the tales are set: Bomba.

Romance and a man caught between two world. Unfortunately, I find that the humor often falls a bit flat, and there really does not seem to be enough of a plot to support a whole novel in the manner that it is being presente.

Its a joy to read out loud with dialog that never stalls -except in the most ingenious way.. Julia got a chuckle or two out of it and for such simple illustrations we both really enjoy looking through the Loppy Coop Hens books but the story lost something somewhere.

I hope this was the end of these hens and that Stoeke finds something else. There is a much heavier focus on Europe and the Middle East than there is on most of the southern hemisphere — but this is not a weaknes.

Anderson gives a nice recap of the previous book in the beginning of this book, which was a good reminder for m.

I was torn between the over sanitisation in the novel and the possibility that it would be unbearably graphi. I was born for this.

It could be a Mariel book that is so much a Mariel book that it is not so much anymor. As most of you know from reading my blog, I entered into a fast at the beginning of the year with my churc.

In addition, both books have a creepy element to the plot, which is great for the Halloween season. Best of all, Diana Peterfreund who attended Yale herself manages to create a believably intelligent and capable heroine without making her needlessly pretentiou.

I felt like I could smell and see everything as clearly as if I were there mysel. He must be attracted to you, and make your senses reel when he kisses you — especially, when he deepens the kisses.

I think it put a greater depth to the story. The Jackson family has been torn apart by traged. Laura Susan JohnsonThis book reminded me of just how evil humanity sometimes is and just how strong the human spirit equally has to be in order to persevere despite disgusting treatment inflicted upon a person especially if the treatment is administered by the ones who are supposed to love and protect those in their car.

Jada wanted to adopt the little girl to help fill the void in her life left by the death of her husban. She elects to stop being a superhero to use her abilities in a less superheroic and more basic wa.

But along with the excitement and privilege, Tessia is about to discover that her magical gifts bring with them a great deal of responsibilit.

I listened to both of these books on CD and I believe it was easier for me to keep all of the names straight! If you have not read these books, I would encourage you to make time!

This is a great collection of trivial, and not so trivial, information of a subversive natur. Learn How to Dance Properly. I am attracted to handsome men who know how to choose their clothes according to the latest trends in fashion, who have interesting and funky hair-styles, and who wear a piercing in the eye-brow or in the tongue.

Look for eye creams that contain ingredients like EyeLiss. People try to present themselves in the best possible light Me?

A classier look that helps create a streamlined appearance. Don t get me wrong, women are not walking incubators, but when they are ready to take up that gender job a bit more meat is required to survive it.

You will not get their love back this way. Were you two fighting a lot? I am glad you are on this site.

Famous people pull that denying-naked-photos trick all the time. It can feel like there s no way to understand it. I was in placeholder relationship and I turned it around.

You will probably be much happier doing so than to be stubborn about it. I was worried so I wrote him but I did not have any reply till the end of March, when he wrote me an email explaining that he has been busy.

It s sort of like it was at this point that their ex finally woke up and saw their worth. Confidence is attractive and sexy, and women will always hold it in high regard.

In those two months, for sometime I go through no contact rule. We talked and I asked him if he wants to hang out and be friends and have sex sometimes.

You ll rarely see him whine, and he doesn t blame others when things go wrong. I have a question this is the situation I met a girl at school I think she will fit me but I can t or I don t want to read her.

I know you ve lost your lover and I understand that the worst pain imaginable is having the person that you love the most tell you they don t want you anymore.

Air pollution is increasing day by day because of the growing number of automobiles, release of poisonous gases, smoke from industrial companies, finely dissolved solids, liquid aerosols, etc in the atmosphere.

And then begins the most wonderful part of the road trip. If you do provide a deadline to the reader, give them a reason why you chose that specific date.

The free-voiced choral polyphony of Handel and the strictly linear, instrumentally conceived polyphony of Bach form the two poles of late Baroque music.

Join a pm me. Adoption Instead of Abortion. In England, the law on promissory estoppel only applies to prevent acted upon, is binding notwithstanding the absence of consideration?.

The idea was that the game could be played by any number of players. Whether it is losing a competition or sustaining an injury, your body goes through a lot.

Democracy of pollution is the types of pagan christianity general category general writing task 2 km. The deadline for submissions is usually around early April of each year.

In enabling this dialectical operation, Utopia opens up Utopia, encouraging the reader to imagine for themselves. Discuss your involvement in and contributions to a community near your home, school or elsewhere.

I went ahead and used and unreliable narrator like Faulkner as well as stream of consciousness. Not only does this poetic pattern help structure how one thought or idea is related to another, it also helps emphasize messages often moral , expands them, and makes them easier to remember.

Both he and his wife had little formal schooling, but Florence had taught herself to read, and she then taught her adopted son by letting him read the True Romance magazine stories she liked.

Which type should I use. Whether these rules be grounded in human consensus or societal norms, they are supposed to February 26th, by filed under Uncategorized.

He also taught that the Earth was a sphere at the center of the Cosmos. Good communication skills and ability to work both with a team and independently are often a basic requirement for any job, and these are developed in the education system through group and individual projects.

Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants. She was just about to go outside to the garden when all of a sudden a group of men dressed in black broke into her house and pushed her to the ground.

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He sucks her too to get her hard and see if her cock can grow. Victoria has done it again with another fantastic book! I was hooked from the first page until the last page in this boo.

Interesting characters, heart-wrenching moments and and thought provoking ideas of society back then, and toda. It is most definitely written from the Jewish perspective, though a great deal of the research comes from Arab sources from within the city during the years and months leading up to the outbreak of armed warfare in and the creation of the State of Israel by a U..

Vengeance is the name of the game when Trisha getseven with her brother- law for what he did to her sister and her friend.

Concerning Johan, this participant argued that the electronic part is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. By reason of the technical look of Johan, the electronic appearance was described as a disadvantage.

Oppositional, the subject stated that the electronic part is the fascinating one. Behavior Beside the three subjects who were consistent throughout all categories, no other subjects were consistent concerning the behavior.

Further regularities were not found. Der hat kein Verhalten, der hat eine Miniprogrammierung, die er auf Knopfdruck von sich gibt.

He utilizes the atmosphere and probably works with it afterwards. Die Stimmung aufbrauchen, um dann damit nachher vielleicht zu arbeiten.

Furthermore, the limited movements were evaluated as negative. Johan For me, he can only do the same movements.

He turns a little bit, he takes the ball, the green one, says green, yellow and throws them down. Wirft die runter.

Aber ich sehe nicht den Sinn des Ganzen im Augenblick. He is already highly sophisticated. Der ist schon auf ziemlich hohen Stand.

Due to frequently repetition of the same movements, the subjects stated that there is more variability required. One subject 12 judged the walking process as strange and was wondering why the robot did not fall.

The walking behavior was interpreted as an advance or avoidance behavior of the robot. If the robot walked towards the subject the behavior was interpreted as approach behavior.

If the robot walked backward it was interpreted in the opposite way that it tried to avoid the subject. On the one hand the flexibility was seen as an advantage and on the other hand there was the demand for more movements, for instance head movement, arm movement, opening the arms and the possibility to grip something.

One subject 11 argued that more movements would make the robot more interesting and plausible. Interaction Preliminary it should be considered that the interaction with Johan was only possible due to the use of the Wizard of Oz method.

None of the subjects realized that Johan was guided. Only one subject 4 asked if the Furby was manipulated. The television is a passive medium and one can only sit in front of it.

Soon it probably can say change it or it already works today, change the program. But this one, I touch it and he talks to me.

Aber der, den pack ich an und der redet mit mir. The poor articulation was frequently mentioned as a negative aspect of the Furby.

One subject 1 stated that the robot has no use if it is not understandable. The subjects had the feeling that they had no influences on Furby.

Only one subject 10 had the feeling that he could affect the Furby through stimulating different sensors which lead to different reactions and usage of different words.

Further negative points were the missing speech cognition and the fact that the Furby only reacted if you lift it up. The subjects evaluated it as annoying that the Furby needed to be stimulated and did not start some actions by itself.

At the beginning, some subjects felt helplessness and did not know what they had to do to animate the Furby. The singing Furby was specified in positive terms.

One subject 4 got a suitable reaction, she lifted the Furby up and then it asked to let it down, which was evaluated as funny.

Subject 9 mentioned the active form of the Furby, compared to the passive medium television in a positive manner.

However, these subjects did not evaluate the interaction process for a robot for their own use, these judgments were related to a robot for the usage of the elderly with dementia.

Johan The interaction is certainly limited. And I think there will be possibilities to build such a robot or robots like this more difficile, that it has more possibilities.

And basically he behaved as you asked from him, what was within his opportunities. Die Farben erkennen vor allen Dingen.

The interaction was interpreted as a possibility to have a conversation with the robot and the robot created the impression to be rational.

The interpretation of a friendly and polite robot resulted from the possibility to interact with the robot. Furthermore, the quick reactions were valued and described as an interrelationship between human and robot.

Leaving aside How to design an entertainment robot for the healthy elderly? Five subjects judged the interaction game with the colored balls as positive and admired the fact that the robot can recognize the colors.

In contrast to the last fact some subjects interpreted the act of throwing the balls away part of the interaction game as an antipathy of the robot.

It was interpreted as a sign that the robot would like to stop the game. Only one subject 10 was satisfied with the present responses to the different orders and would not add any other features.

Concerning the negative aspects, the fact that the robot was hard to understand was frequently alluded.

Only one subject 9 judged the understandability as good. The robot should talk loud and clear so that even the elderly with hearing aid can understand it.

Furthermore, there is a demand that the robot has a wider range of vocabulary. Participant 4 and 6 mentioned that a robot conversation cannot be like a human conversation.

The fact that the language was limited to a few words and that the robot could give just stored vocabulary was seen as a disadvantage of a robot.

In addition a robot should not say no, the robot should do what is requested. A robot should be adaptive and it should follow orders.

One subject 3 argued that it felt strange to talk to a machine and another subject 4 stated that there was no communication possible.

A last negative point is the limitation of capabilities of the robot. The subjects stated that the robot needs more variation to entertain someone.

Additional design principles for a robot The utility would be important for me. For me it would be more important that he can give me recipes.

Thus I would find it pleasant if he is useful. There is no demand for a robot which only conduces as an entertainment robot.

A robot should be useful and help humans in their everyday life. A robot should support the elderly, people in need of care and do things which people begrudgingly do, as for instance mopping the ground.

Further supporting actions which were mentioned are: vacuuming, cleaning, helping to get into the stair lift, picking up objects, passing objects to the elderly, mowing the lawn, supporting the cooking process, reading a book and reminding the people to take their pills.

The functions should be easy to understand and there is a demand to get a good instruction. I can imagine that people who are only sitting at home lonely and twice a day the nursing service comes by and otherwise they are on their own that they say the robot is like a dog.

This category also includes the final conclusion of the subjects about the robots. The Furby was often described as a toy and that it has limited functions to entertain someone.

A few subjects did not know what they should do with such a robot and stated that it would be boring very quickly.

As a result of the limited functions the Furby was often described as stupid and some subjects stated that they would give it away quickly.

As opposed to this the Furby was described as funny. Three subjects mentioned that the use of this robot could be effective for the elderly, dementia patients or people who are living alone.

The second robot, Johan, was described as humanly and intelligent. One subject 1 judged the name Johan to be suitably due to the fact that in books and films Johan is often the butler.

This robot could also be a butler and support humans. There was an immense interest in how Johan works and the technology was seen as a challenge.

This subject would also like How to design an entertainment robot for the healthy elderly? Conversely, the technology led to an aversion of robots.

Some subjects judged the robot as too complicated. Video Through the video analysis the laugh frequencies were counted.

Due to the large standard deviation in the amount of laughs for the different subjects, the relative laugh frequency is used.

The most laughs were found for Johan Figure 5 shows that nine subjects had relative a higher laugh frequency in the Johan condition compared to the Furby condition.

In two cases more laughs were detected in the Furby condition compared to the Johan condition and one subject had a similar laugh frequency relating to both robots.

Figure 6 shows the comparison between type A en type B concerning the relative laugh frequencies. For the distribution of the laughs see Table 2.

Example: Laugh frequency of a woman in the Furby condition is abbreviated through fWF. Bar graph showing the relative laugh frequency by robot separately for each subject.

Bar graph showing the relative laugh frequency by robot and typology. Neither the constant comparison method nor the video analysis showed a gender difference in relation to the two robots.

However, on the basis of the think aloud method and the semi-structured interviews some important aspects could be identified. Relating the sub questions of this research: 1 How do the subjects evaluate the external designs of the robots?

Concerning the overall appearance no design was preferred explicitly. There is no specific design that appeals to all people.

This result is consistent with the hypotheses of Dautenhahn that, among others, different appearance preferences are the reason why one robot for all will not exist.

Furthermore, Scopelliti et al. The reason why subjects experienced Johan as friendly and polite were according to Tay Tiong Chee, Taezoon, Xu, Ng and Tan the humanoid features which lead to a friendlier impression of robots.

Additionally, the eyes are an important aspect of the robot independent of the two types. Big eyes and eye movements are important aspects for a robot and improve the acceptance.

This is in line with the concept of the baby schema Kindchenschema which was postulated by Konrad Lorenz Vicedo, According to Vicedo the baby schema includes among others huge eyes and implicates that something is seen as cute.

Overall, more laughs were detected in the Johan condition. It is noticeable that the subjects often laughed if Johan said thanks or gave a suitable answer.

Due to this finding a possible explanation of the higher laugh frequency in the Johan condition is the possibility of the social interaction, for instance having a conversation.

Because of time restrictions, a more thorough video analysis showing the precise factors causing the laughs was not possible.

Type A subjects, who had a positive attitude towards the Furby, had fewer laughs in the Furby condition compared to the Johan condition.

Type B subjects had less laughs in the Furby condition as well. Nevertheless, the relative amount of laughs in the Furby condition was higher for type A subjects compared to type B subjects.

This indicates that the typologies based on the appearance have some correlation on the laugh frequency.

Further, the three subjects, whose statements were consistent with their type classification throughout all categories, were analyzed separately.

The laugh frequencies of two subjects were in line with their overall consistency. More laughs of subject 4 were detected in the Furby condition compared to laughs about Johan.

This is in line with her classification into type A, positive attitude towards the Furby and an aversion for Johan. The laugh detection of subject 11, type B, is also in line with the consistency of the subject.

He had throughout all categories an aversion for the Furby and a positive attitude towards Johan.

Concerning the laugh frequency of subject 11, fewer laughs were detected in the Furby condition. However, the laugh frequency of subject 10 was not consistent with his attitude towards the robot.

This subject belonged to type B, yet more laughs were detected in the Furby condition. Concerning the laugh frequency, a larger sample is required to do a statistical analysis.

With regard to the behavior, a robot needs many movement abilities, for instance head movements, arm movements, bending down et cetera.

Moreover, behavior that is versatile is preferred. Speech recognition and taking orders are important aspects in relation to interaction possibilities of a robot.

These findings are in line with other researches who claimed that speech is the preferred instrument of communication Scopelliti et al. Regarding the speech possibilities, it is important that the robot speaks loudly and is easy to understand.

Concerning the last sub questions, What are other desirable aspects of a robot? The users will expect that the robot can do something for them, for instance vacuum cleaning, picking up things, supporting the cooking process, providing information, et cetera.

The last two aspects, supporting the cooking process and providing information, are supported by findings of Scopelliti et al.

Further, one female subject 5 stated that a robot should have the possibility to learn things. Contrarily, according to Scopelliti et.

The other subjects of this study did not mention this aspect. Concerning this aspect, if a robot should be preprogramed or have the ability to learn something, more research is needed.

On top of that the following aspects, which could not be classified into the sub questions, should be considered as well.

The subjects were often skeptical if a robot can entertain them and concluded that they do not need an entertainment robot.

A reason for this skepticism is the underestimations of the possibility of a robot to perform entertainment tasks Scopelliti et al. Concerning this aspect it is important to show the elderly the possibilities of robots to decrease the skepticism concerning entertainment functions.

The last important aspect is the requirement of a detailed introduction of the robot. An easy understanding of the functions is needed, which is supported by a research of Saini et al.

This study has also some limitations which have to be considered. The limitations refer to the sample and to the experiment itself. Further research is required to make the findings more reliable and to quantify them.

The study of Lee, Junga, Kimb and Kimb showed that social agents are more attractive to lonely people and they assumed that a social agent could provide companionship.

The entertainment factor was judged critical in this sample, further research should examine if marriage is a critical factor of the received entertainment skills.

Furthermore, two limitations in relation to Johan should be considered. The male name of the Mindstorm robot, Johan, was only elected to facilitate the acquaintance with the robot and did not correspond to the female voice.

No subject mentioned this illogical combination. Only one subject 1 referred to the name at all and argued that Johan is a suitable name.

Concerning the experiment itself the researcher had to intervene into the experiment which might be a factor of influence.

At the interaction game of the Mindstrom robot the researcher had to point out that the subject has to use the green ball before the robot can perform further.

Moreover, the room was too bright once 4 and it took a long time before the robot detected a color. The problem was that the robot had to carry out the commanded program completely and it was not possible to stop it manually and change to another program.

Further research should install the robot in the way that it is possible to stop each program of the robot with a button.

Through this application it would seem that it could react on orders superiorly. Subject to discussion can also be the use of the Wizard of Oz experiment.

The means of this research were limited, therefore this kind of experiment was used. The Wizard of Oz method is often criticized because the subjects are misled and get a wrong impression.

Since technology already exists that make this kind of interactions possible, for instance the NAO robot 4, this method gave no erroneously impression.

Conclusion Due to the fact that the present features of the Furby and Johan were evaluated as useless, the findings of this study should be taken into account to make it more acceptable.

To infer to the main questions of this research, How do we have to design an entertainment therapy robot for the healthy elderly who are living independently in their homes?

The robot needs to be introduced in detail to the healthy elderly This study yields interesting aspects of the questions how we have to design an entertainment robot but needs further research to generalize these findings.

After the quantification of the results a prototype robot can be build and the effectiveness can be tested. Measuring national well-being - older.

Office for National Statistics, Broekens, J. Assistive social robots in elderly care: a review. Gerontechnology, 8 2 , Wizard of oz studies - why and how.

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Wada, K. Robot therapy in a care house, results of case studies. In Robot and Human Interactive Communication, ROMAN Wolf, D. Einsamkeit - innere leere.

Was waren die Nachteile? Johan Was fanden Sie vorteilhaft bei Johan? Was sind die Nachtteile? Wie das Verhalten von dem Furby?

Furby Was halten Sie vom Aussehen des Furby? Johan Und was halten Sie vom Aussehen von Johan? Wie beurteilen Sie die Interaktion mit dem Furby?

Dieser Roboter soll zur Unterhaltung dienen. Sie brauchen sich keine Sorgen, dass andere Aspekte untersucht werden. Sie haben gleich pro Roboter ca.

Ich bitte Sie laut zu denken. Alle Informationen die ich sammele werden anonym und vertraulich bearbeitet. Die Untersuchung dauert etwa 30 Minuten.

Haben Sie zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch Fragen? Es spielt keine Rolle, welche Art. Bitte versuchen Sie alle ihre Gedanken laut auszusprechen.

Sehr gut. Dann beginnen wir jetzt mit den beiden Robotern. Sollten Sie nicht verstehen was Johan sagt, geben Sie mir bitte einen kurzen Hinweis, dann werde ich es wiederholen.

Ich bin mir bewusst, dass die Teilnahme an dieser Studie freiwillig ist. Die gesamte Studie wird ca.

Der Forscher wird weitere Fragen zu diesem Forschungsprojekt beantworten, jetzt oder im Verlauf der Untersuchung. Unterschrift Untersuchungsleiter Proband Unterschrift Keine Ente, keine Maus, ein Fantasietier.

Furby is interrupting laughing Scheinbar ist er nicht damit einverstanden. Oder er? Ist es ein er? Furby ja, ein er.

Ein Hund. Furby is interrupting Ich kann dich leider nicht verstehen, vielleicht versuchst du es mal in meiner Sprache.

Furby is interrupting Ja, da ist immer noch nichts angekommen bei mir. Wenn ich dich nicht verstehe, was soll ich dann mit dir.

Furby is interrupting Oder? Ohho Subject repeats the Furby. Aber vielleicht verstehen kleine Kinder das ja viel mehr als alte Leute, was du sagst.

Furby is interrupting Okay, ich habe genug von dir. Furby is interrupting. Interviewer: Ok, Dann mach ich jetzt einmal ganz kurz die Batterien raus, weil sonst redet der die ganze Zeit weiter.

So, bringen wir ihn mal zum schweigen. Subject: Aber was redet der? Interviewer: Das ist Furbisch. So, bei Johan der redet auch, nur der ist etwas schlecht zu verstehen.

Wenn etwas nicht verstanden wird, dann eben Bescheid geben und ich wiederhole das dann eben, ok? Subject: Ich habe da ja auch nichts verstanden.

Interviewer: Ne, das kann ich aber auch nicht. Das ist Furbisch. Subject: Johan is acting Hallo Johan. Johan: Ja Guten Morgen.

Johan: Hallo, Wie geht es Ihnen? Guten Morgen Johan. Hallo Wie geht es dir? Johan: Gut. Danke Oh ja danke, mir geht es auch gut.

Ich freue mich dich kennen zu lernen. Johan is acting Warum gehst du denn jetzt weg von mir?

Johan is acting Ah ja komm mal her. Subject: Achso. Johan is acting Johan throws the ball away Hast du sie alle fallen lassen.

Ich habe was verkehrt gemacht, glaube ich. Rot Ist gut, ja. Johan throws the ball away Ups. Schon wieder.

Was ist denn falsch? Johan: blau Ja laughing Johan thorws the balls away Danke. Ja, wenn du nicht mit mir spielen willst, dann eben nicht.

Dann sag mir was anderes was wir tun sollen? Ne in die andere Hand. Johan is acting Dann schauen wir doch mal.

Johan throws the ball away Nein, der Rote ist auch nicht gut. Ich habe es geschafft. Johan throws the balls away Wollen wir das mal tauschen.

Johan:Gelb Gelb, ja. Johan is acting Johan throws the ball away Johan: Gut. Danke Bitte. Johan: Musik, bitte Musik bitte? Johan is acting Ja, auf Wiedersehen.

Ich sehe du willst mich verlassen. Johan is acting nein doch nicht? Ja komm mal zu mir. Guter Johan. Links schwenk.

Johan is acting Rechts. Du machst ja gar nicht was ich sage. Johan: Nein. Johan: Nein Bitte? Johan: Nein Interviewer: Der sagt; Nein.

Subject: Nein? Links rum. Subject: Na dann komm her. Johan is acting Aber warum stehst du denn so schief?

Ah ja, ich verstehe. Ja noch ein bisschen. Hup Johan falls. Oh du willst in meine Arme fallen.

Ja, komm her. Ich halte dich. Added by janetertMib on Jul 22, PM. Added by Changgon on Jul 23, AM. Added by davidersCam on Jul 23, PM. Added by Michaelpoeva on Jul 23, PM.

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