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Where can I get the books in this series I want them? I've finished reading the book and keep thinking I glossed over the part where the author gives a physical description of Luna.

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Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Schattenwölfe Nocturne City, 1.

Luna is a female detective and a werewolf solving crime in Nocturne City while keeping her wolfness secret from those she works with.

She is investigating the werewolf attacks on girls in the city. Luna is cold and not exactly likeable but I could put that aside.

However, the police department is full of woman hating, sexist pig cavemen who look down on her for being a woman. I'm getting so tired of these books where the author can only make the female look st Luna is a female detective and a werewolf solving crime in Nocturne City while keeping her wolfness secret from those she works with.

I'm getting so tired of these books where the author can only make the female look strong and successful-in-the-face-of-adversity by making every man she works with a complete ass on one level or another.

We have the sexist pig who likes to call her names and grab her butt. The head cop who hates women and always picks on her.

Even the cop she is supported by uses her secret wolf status as something to hold over her to get her to behave.

Even the guy in the morgue can't say a single sentence without werewolf prejudice. I felt like the author was battering me over the head with a metal pole to point out to me that Luna is picked on.

And this was just the first 50 pages!!! Then we have the obligatory bad boy love interest who has as much personality and warmth as my garden fence.

This is not a nice werewolf and I despised him and Luna was by now getting right on my last nerve. I'm not really surprised that her cop boss didn't think she was capable of doing her job as she can't seem to stop messing everything up.

Add to that the over descriptive waffle-we had descriptions of the entire police building, the morgue, her house, her car, everyone's clothes, the bar she went into-all in 50 pages.

This bores me stupid and I was sick of the whole thing by now. Book over! View all 3 comments. Not good, not good at all.

The characters are not likeable. I didn't care for any one of the cast. Not the main character, not her cousin with the silly name, not the main romantic interest who seemed like a creep a pimp and drug deeler , not the cops, hell, the grandma was the most interesting of them all and she was in only one scene.

The heroin of the story is another bitchy, tough-as-nails chick who investigats a supernatural murder case. The way she acts and talks at times seems completely Not good, not good at all.

The way she acts and talks at times seems completely out of place and not logical at all. It's not always explained just why is she going there, saying this, insulting people left and right obviously the answer is the author wanted her to, and that's that, only it brakes the flow of the story when I'm left thinking "the hell?

Sometimes from paragraph to paragraph she changes her attitude, things seem disconnected, as if the author wrote in chunks and forgot to connect them properly.

Another thing, the cursing. What's wrong with using the old fashioned ones from time to time? It brakes the flow and detracts from the emotional weight a scene is supposed to carry when everyone is cursing "hex me", "hex", "hexed", and occasional "gods", etc.

Why is the heroin, herself a supernatural being and raised among witches, so damn ignorant of supernatural life in her city?

Why does the alpha wolf who supposedly suffers terribly from having his mate die in one scene bemoans how sad he is and feels like dying and the next lusts on the heroin and jumps her bones?

That's the kind of break of the flow and disconnect I'm talking about. No smooth sailing here. Why do so many authors think that "strong female protagonist" equates to "raving bitch"?

It seriously detracts from both the plot and any sympathy I'm supposed to feel for said protagonist. This is decidedly true for Luna Wilder also, cheesy name for a pack-less werewolf.

She also seems to have an inability to focus o Why do so many authors think that "strong female protagonist" equates to "raving bitch"?

She also seems to have an inability to focus on any particular aspect of a case, jumping from one point to another based on others' behaviors rather than any sense of logic.

The character of Luna's cousin Sunny still with the cheesy names acts as the polar opposite of Luna and only highlights the negatives of Luna's personality, rather than the positives.

Also, the hostility of Luna toward her maternal grandmother, and no real explanation for her missing parents, doesn't make her at all likable.

The plot doesn't stick together properly, either. The black eyes and name of a demon mentioned at the beginning of the book by a homeless man are never connected with Lockhart or the demon later in the book.

Also, the tantalizing hint of previous attempts to raise the demon based on old forensic evidence is also tossed aside as the action builds.

Finally, while most urban fantasy novels must have some romantic element, this one seems contrived at best. Overly moralistic Luna looks the other way as her possible boyfriend is a pimp and drug pusher?

Dmitri isn't much better; he is supposed to be overwrought with the loss of his mate, the first murder that Luna is investigating, yet here he is busy trying to seduce a new woman less than 24 hours after the body is found.

The behavior of both characters doesn't ring true given their behavior toward others throughout the book.

Also the tryst Luna has with Dmitri is shoehorned in at the last, and a rather inopportune, moment before the finale.

While it was an entertaining read, I won't go out of my way to follow the series. View 1 comment. This is a simplistic trashy detective novel with a mild fantasy setting, insofar as the protagonist is a werewolf.

On the fantastical side of things, it does not disappoint, and the murder mystery will have you guessing right up to the bloody climax.

The downside is, of course, that it's not terrifically deep, and doesn't do much to make anything but the mystery worthwhile.

Our Hero is angsty and emo about being a werewolf without a pack, and likes to remind the reader of this every fifth page or This is a simplistic trashy detective novel with a mild fantasy setting, insofar as the protagonist is a werewolf.

Our Hero is angsty and emo about being a werewolf without a pack, and likes to remind the reader of this every fifth page or so despite having a fairly reliable if snarky support structure.

It's nice enough, and a quick read, but don't expect much more than a simple diversion. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. The good thing about this book is the plot. The story is fast paced with interesting twists and it grabs your attention right away even when you find some aspects truly annoying.

The world building is actually good and the city is described vividly, which really worked for me. In the other hand, it was very hard to sympathize with the main characters, no matter how much I tried.

Luna Wilder is a bit too reckless for my tastes. After some scenes, I even start doubting her intelligence.

For instance, during the ongoing murder investigation she wants to arrest a suspect, a werewolf who happens to be the alpha of the RedBacks, and goes all alone to his club with all his pack present, knowing that her low status would make that not only impossible but also very dangerous, even deadly.

It was hard to believe she is one of the best detectives in Nocturne when she keeps doing mistakes like these and acting impetuously showing the finesse of a bulldozer.

View 2 comments. This is one of the worst books I've read in a long time. I read the first book in the author's latest series and thought it was ok, so I figured I'd give this a try.

I wasn't expecting much, but took it on vacation with me and started it on the eight hour flight home.

A lot of things in this book are wince-inducing, like having the main character be a werewolf detective in a town called Nocturne City.

Her name is Luna Wilder. And she's a werewolf. Get it? It still could have been This is one of the worst books I've read in a long time.

It still could have been fun trash, but everything about it just felt forced and amateurish. The characters were unpleasant and inconsistent and the plot didn't make much sense at all.

And several times the language made me stop and reread things over and over to make sure that they really were that bad.

By the time I made it to the sex scene, I was so frustrated with the writing that I couldn't even bear to read through the several pages of bad sex description.

I'm not usually this judgmental about books and I've recently developed more of a tolerance for trashy fiction, but seriously, there's something better out there for you to read.

Shelves: annoying-tstl-die-already-heroine , good-plot-stupid-characters , wasted-hours-i-want-back , wtf , wanted-plot-beta. Run away, run far far away from this book.

To me the biggest crime a writer can make is making the main characters toxic. I didn't care what happened to them other than wishing the author would kill them off so I could learn more about the universe.

The world-building is decent and interesting but why, oh, why make the main characters so hard to stomach? Flawed characters are interesting but characters without any redeeming qualities are unreadable.

It's too bad since the universe had potential. I really was hoping to like this book, but it was not to be. The book suffered from sloppy mistakes about details i.

I mean, really? Would any police department in a decent-sized city have that level of unchecked misogyny and outright incompetence and inattention to procedure?

I could have gotten past wincin I really was hoping to like this book, but it was not to be. I could have gotten past wincing about these had the characters themselves been more engaging.

Unfortunately, they weren't. The fact is, I didn't particularly care for any of the characters in the story, but Luna was the biggest disappointment.

Her snark was more often frank rudeness, and she frequently turned it on those who were trying to help her. She prided herself on her excellent police work, but her unprofessional behavior rankled.

In fact, I wondered how she solved any cases at all given how she often jumped to erroneous conclusions and then threw herself into stupid situations that worsened matters, wandering frequently into TSTL territory.

I actually more than once said aloud "Are you freakin' kidding me? I know some of my friends really like this series, and I've noted that this first book has the lowest overall rating among them.

Unless someone can convince me that things improve a great deal, though, I won't be looking at the rest.

Well, Hex me. The use of the word Hex in place of regular expletives is possibly one of the least irritating things about this book.

I get it that something called the Hex riots happened before the story itself starts and were so bad that they are used to swear by, but really??

The main character, in fact all characters, are totally one-dimensional. The "heroine" if indeed she could be called that, doesn't seem to have a personality, and any interaction with any other character, friend or foe, c Well, Hex me.

The "heroine" if indeed she could be called that, doesn't seem to have a personality, and any interaction with any other character, friend or foe, consists of her being rude and insulting them for no apparent reason.

And it isn't even funny. Very hard to find any redeeming qualities at all in this schlock horror of a book.

A basic werewolf story mixed with a basic cop story. Still very easy and fun to read. Finished it in one day. To read more reviews in this series and others, check out keikii eats books!

While investigating some ritualistic murders, her main suspect is Dmitri Sandovsky. Leader of one of the local packs, Dmitri sets Luna's instincts off.

Yet they'll have to rely on each other to solve murders that seem to lead back to demons. Night Life was very cliched and very generic urban fantasy.

In fact, pretty much every cliche in the genre, Caitlin Ki To read more reviews in this series and others, check out keikii eats books!

In fact, pretty much every cliche in the genre, Caitlin Kittredge threw at the book. The series itself just has not aged very well.

Back when this was new, and the genre younger, it may have been better. Now, though, it just is one series in a giant collection bin of the exact same thing.

I have problems with just about everything to do with the story: the characters, the investigation, the worldbuilding, and the relationship.

I hated Luna. She was hyper angry and aggressive with everyone. She blames it on her being a werewolf, and how her shifting isn't working properly.

She just growls and barks all the goddamn time. That is just about her entire personality, it has nothing to do with her shifting.

Her cousin, Sunny, is a bitch who tries to help Luna, but as soon as Luna asks even the most innocent question, Sunny bitches that Luna is ungrateful.

The interactions just are always so angry and feel so unnatural, between everyone. The investigation itself is terribly handled.

This reads like a novel based on CSI than something based off of actual police procedures. It is filled with sexual harassment and bigotry in the workforce.

It is highly stacked against anyone "different". I suppose that isn't too different than some places in real life.

I just didn't like the way it was done here. Luna gets sexually harassed, she dealt with the problem, and then she gets suspended for dealing with it even though there was no other recourse.

They don't like Luna simply because she is a woman. And then she is fully reinstated just because someone important asked for it.

It feels like a giant joke. The worldbuilding is practically nonexistent. Things are thrown out there, and we're told nothing about anything.

We're expected to just accept what we're given. Yet even by the end of the book, I still didn't understand the way the world worked.

Hell, I couldn't even answer the most basic question I should be able to answer about an urban fantasy novel: whether or not the world at large knew about the supernatural or not.

I got conflicting details, and by the end I was just annoyed. The relationship was definitely the worst thing about Night Life.

The love interest, Dmitri, and Luna are just drawn to each other. Even though he is one of the victims' boyfriend.

Even though he is grieving the loss of his girlfriend. He has an okay personality, but he is completely and totally wrong for her.

For one thing he isn't a bitch like Luna is. For another, she is a cop and he is a former pimp and a current drug dealer.

How does this work?! It doesn't! Plus, he is trying to get revenge on his girlfriend's death. Because of course a cop should be condoning this kind of thing.

I just don't understand the relationship at all. There are, of course, parts I liked. I did like how the end went down with the demon.

I liked.. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the rest of these books for a second time. Why did I decide to reread this?

I'm not certain right now. Bad enough that I did not finish and returned it. EVERY MAN in this book are portrayed as misogynist pigs- one even goes as far as grabbing the main character's butt in the workplace and getting away with it.

They ALL hate the main character because she is a woman, so they all want her to fail As if that isn't enough she is also not just a werewolf but an outcast werewolf, living in a world where everyone is extremely prejudiced against werewolves.

Every sentence uttered by the medical examiner expresses this prejudice. Why does everyone have to be a horrible person to make her look good?

Because she is really unlikable. The main character reacts to anything and everything by being a raging B maybe that is the real reason nobody seems to like her?

This makes it hard to root for the main character. Even in a scene where the medical examiner is helping her because she is sick she bites his head off.

Her reason: she can't afford to show weakness in this male dominated world- no, not exaggerating, that is her real explanation for snapping at someone who is nice enough to hold her hair back while she pukes.

Come on, no one likes being next to Chunky MacPukes- the least you can do is say thank you.

If that is not enough to turn you away from this author then her lack of research simple googling and corroboration of things she does not know will most definitely make you cringe.

The tibia, aka shin-bone, is located on your lower leg. It's an animal tranquilizer. Percodan is a mixture of aspirin and oxycodone making it a Shedule II controlled substance which are the most controlled legal drugs Schedule I are illegal drugs and not at all "easy to come by".

Although it is used on animals most drugs used on animals are the same as those used on humans , Diazepam is commonly used on humans to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures.

Look, I don't expect an author to be an expert on everything, but of she wants to make things seem more authentic by using "medical knowledge" she should research it, otherwise don't go for specific and keep it general and simple.

I am not a doctor, nurse or science major but all this is fairly accessible knowledge. Naming body parts is a high school thing and anyone who watches Law and Order or any other crime show would have passing knowledge of drugs and their legalities.

If you are writing about crime, read up on it. At this point I lost all interest in the book and author and returned it for a refund.

Luna Wilder is a homicide detective in the Nocturne City PD, as well as that she is also a werewolf, an Insoli, which means she is without a pack and must rely on herself.

When she finds a dead were prostitute killed in a sadistic and ritualistic way, it leads her to the dangerous and sexy Dmitri Sandovsky, alpha of the Redback pack.

But things start getting dangerous fast as another body turns up and bla 3. But things start getting dangerous fast as another body turns up and black magic seems to be involved.

And although I did like this book I was slightly disappointed as I thought Black London was much better.

Not to say this was all bad, I enjoyed her writing in this book, as I have with her others, it is engaging and pulls you in.

I also enjoyed the general plot, that although I guessed what who-did-it half way through, I still enjoyed learning the details and having it all revealed to me.

However, I didn't really like the characters in this, I found Luna annoying, I love the tough sarcastic heroines most the time, but for some reason she got on my nerves, she seemed to have no self preservation skills and was constantly saying or doing things to make the bad situation she was in alot worse.

Dmitri was also a character that I didn't really warm to, to begin with he was a pimp and a drug dealer so I already didn't have a great view of him, but also he just didn't make much of an impression on me.

But, all together this book wasn't bad, it had good writing and the world that CK created wasn't bad, but it seems to just be an average UF amongst the many that are out and if you are going to try Caitlin Kittredge I would recommend these first: or View all 5 comments.

A ritualistic serial killer is on the loose in Nocturne City, and Detective Luna Wilder teams up with a fellow werewolf to investigate That would have been too obvious.

When Lun A ritualistic serial killer is on the loose in Nocturne City, and Detective Luna Wilder teams up with a fellow werewolf to investigate When Luna is a competent employee conducting her investigation legally, such as meeting with a university professor, she's actually quite affable.

As for the rest of the time Look, I understand bitchiness. It can be particularly vicious at certain times of the moon cycle.

But the rule of basic manners: don't bitch to those who are nice to you. Luna's lucky enough to have a supportive cousin and lieutenant, but she's totally rude to them both.

She even dares to call Sunny a bitch - the hypocrisy, it burns! Luna claims that people don't like her because she's a werewolf, but I suspect they don't like her endless bitching.

Dmitri Sandovsky is a former? Normally I love international characters, but Dmitri's back story is more of a plot point than who he is.

He doesn't even swear in the mother language, so I felt somewhat bereft. The pack and out of it hierarchy doesn't seem entirely logical.

Luna is Insoli, a wolf without a pack, yet she manages to dominate pack wolves in their territory. My comments here may suggest that I don't like this book, but I actually do, and quite a lot.

For better or worse, Night Life is a roaring page-turner that should give book clubs much to discuss. Squick spoiler: Luna's lover phases to a wolfish form during coitus.

I think that counts as bestiality. Just thought you should know. As of this review, book 2, Pure Blood, is also available. According to the author's website there will be at least 5 books total in the series possibly more.

Night Life takes place in an alternative present day where witches and werewolves weres are somewhat integrated into everyday society. Luna Wilder is a packless were who also happens to be a tough, smart-talking city detective.

In Night Life, she's investigating a string of ritualistic murders with a possible tie to the past of Nocturne City when she stumbles across Dmitri Sandovsky.

Dmitri is the pack leader of a dangerous were clan as well as the prime suspect in Luna's current murder case, but he sends her senses into overdrive.

Luna and Dimitry will have to reign in their inner animals and learn to work together to survive. I actually met Caitlin at a book signing for another local author Richelle Mead a few months back and picked up this book at that time.

I'm actually sorry I waited so long as I very much enjoyed the book and feel that she's an author to be watched.

I'll be buying the rest of the Nocturne City series as well as her Black London series that has the first book out in June I would definitely call it an urban paranormal fantasy.

It's got good action and clever dialogue and just a smidge of romantic interest, but nowhere near enough to classify it as a paranormal romance.

Stein - Werecat series by Rachel Vincent Book one of the Nocturne City series, this is a dark urban fantasy with just a smidge of romance.

It's first person narration form the heroine's perspective Luna Wilder, a werewolf and a cop.

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Schattenwölfe Video

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